Here at Audio Sorcerer we work with all genres of music. We understand the technical side of audio, both inside and out, and can ensure you a quality end product. We love all music and we can't wait to hear what you'll send our way!

Our work can be heard on the Samples page. We try to update this page quarterly to showcase new projects we have done.

Due to our workload and policy of not outsourcing, we are unable to offer free samples.

The main pricing is listed at the top of each of the service pages. Further down these pages, you are able to choose your services and add-ons to create your own custom package. If you have any questions about pricing please contact us.

First time customers can get 20% off their order by signing up for our email list. We also offer discounts for EPs and albums which are already included in the price.

NOTE: Dolby Atmos Mixing & Mastering is excluded from all discounts and coupon codes unless otherwise stated.

  • Mixing (Single) : 7 Days

  • Mixing (EP) : 2 weeks

  • Mixing (Album) : 4 weeks

  • Mastering (Single) : 3 Days

  • Mastering (EP) : 1 week

  • Mastering (Album) : 2 weeks

Mixing & Mastering combo services follow the same turnaround times of Mixing.

NOTE: Turnaround times for editing services are dependent upon the size and requirements of a project. A completion date will be determined at the start of a project.

We offer rush delivery on any of our mixing and mastering services. The rush delivery time is simply half the normal completion time.

On each of our service pages there is a file upload button under the "Build A Quote" section. You may upload your files before you check out or you can go back after and upload them. The choice is yours.

All files should be within the following formats:

  • WAV or AIFF files

  • 24 bit or 32 bit float bit depth

  • Between 44.1 kHz and 96 kHz sample rate

NOTE: It is the customers responsibility to make sure all their files are clean of pops, clicks and distortion prior to sending them to us. We work with what we are sent, no questions asked. If incorrect files were sent to us and we have already begun a project, then a change order will be issued to continue work.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal through our secure checkout portal. Payment must be made in full to begin a project. This allows us to release work as we finish it.

We are available via email, phone, text, and social media. Visit our contact page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information

Guarantee And Refund Policy
  • We guarantee client satisfaction by providing unlimited revisions on both mixes and masters.

  • We offer all clients our substantial policy.

  • We expect a potential client to listen to our samples prior to choosing us. Our samples are an exact representation of the sound quality one should expect to receive. Of course, the outcome of the project will be partially determined by the quality of recordings we receive. With the amount of time and effort we put into every project, along with unlimited revisions, we are unable to offer any refunds.

  • All other services (non mixing & mastering) will receive up to (2) free revisions and don't qualify for the substantial policy. Additional revisions will be price quoted on a case by case basis.

Substantial Policy

After all the revisions are completed the project is called "substantial". This then starts a virtual clock in which the client has (2) months to receive further revisions free of charge. This is a great perk as artists sometimes discover they want an 

adjustment weeks after the completion of a project. We are one of the few companies out there providing this service. ​​

Terms And Conditions
  • Orders will be billed under the name "Audio Sorcerer LLC".

  • Upon payment, the purchaser agrees to the terms and conditions​​​​​​ throughout this page and website.

  • We will provide unlimited revisions on our mixing & mastering services along with our substantial policy, but no refunds.

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