What Is Mixing?

Audio Mixing is the phase of the music production process that occurs after recording is complete. Mixing is the process of blending together two or more sounds to create a cohesive audio landscape. The overall goal is to create a blend that is balanced in both instrument levels and frequencies.


The process of mixing not only includes balancing, but applying effects, panning, and automation. Effects such as equalization, compression, reverb, and delay are added to make instruments stand out or sit back in a mix. Panning is used to place instruments in the stereo spectrum from left to right. Lastly, automation can make dull mixes come alive to highlight important parts of a song.


Audio mixing is something that must be done by a professional to achieve results that can compete. Here at Audio Sorcerer we pride ourselves in high quality, fast turnarounds, and affordable pricing. All of our mixing services and prices are listed below. We look forward to working with you!

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This service is for those who have a preferred mastering engineer but want professional, top-notch mixing. If you have recorded your music at home or another studio, 🎛️ let us give a fresh perspective to it. We will make sure it is properly prepared for mastering and that it will compete against today's top releases.

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Dolby Atmos:  (Specialized, 3D, immersive mixing. Click Here to learn more.)


Melodyne Vocal Pitch Correction:  (Manual, natural, and professional pitch correction using Celemony Melodyne.)


VocALign Vocal Time Aligning:  (Alignment for multiple vocal tracks using SynchroArts VocALign.)


Drum Replacement:  (Replacement of drums using Slate Digital Trigger 2 and appropriate samples.)


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Audio Mixing

Learn what mixing is, why you need it, and what options we offer.

Mixing Options

We offer 3 different options for mixing depending on the size and needs of your project.



This includes our full mixing service for a single song.



This includes our full mixing service for an EP (Extended Play). We consider an EP between 4 and 6 songs.



This includes our full mixing service for an album. We consider an album between 11 and 14 songs.

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