What Is Mastering?

Audio Mastering is the final phase in the music production process. Its sole purpose is to enhance the overall mix of a recording. Advanced techniques such as equalization, compression, limiting, soft clipping, stereo widening, and harmonic saturation are used. Mastering puts the finishing touches on a mix and ensures it is ready for release to the public. There are two types of mastering; standard two-track mastering and stem mastering.

Two-track mastering is the most common type and it involves working with a stereo version of the mix. Stem mastering is more complex as it involves working with subgroups. For example, a common scenario for stem mastering would include submixes of drums, bass, music, and vocals. Stem mastering provides an opportunity for a higher level of adjustment but two-track mastering is still the most popular option.

Audio mastering is a must to get your music finalized and ready for release. Here at Audio Sorcerer we pride ourselves in high quality, fast turnarounds, and affordable pricing. All of our mastering services and prices are listed below. We look forward to working with you!

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This service is for those who already have their track mixed 🎚️ and want top-notch mastering to get it ready for release.

Mastering Options

We offer 4 different options for mastering depending on the size and needs of your project.



This includes our full mastering service for a single 2-track mix.

Single (Stems)


This includes our full mastering service for subgroups known as stems. Up to 5 stems are included in the price. Anything above 5 stems is priced under our mixing service.



This includes our full mastering service for an EP (Extended Play). We consider an EP between 4 and 6 songs.



This includes our full mastering service for an album. We consider an album between 11 and 14 songs.

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See our FAQ page for details on required file formats.

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Audio Mastering

Learn what mastering is, why you need it, and what options we offer.

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